Juicer Review on August 27th, 2008

The Kempo twin gear juicer is produced in the same factory as the Greenpower Hippocrates Juicer and is basically the same juicer, except for the locking pin which holds the front end in place. The Kempo juicer has a plastic locking pin, whereas the Hippocrates juicer features a stainless steel locking pin to keep the front end secure while you juice.

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Juicer Review on August 27th, 2008

Made in China, the Compact juicer is a cheap imitation of the original single gear juicer, Oscar Vital Max There are many of these imitation single gear juicers available on the market, the Compact juicer delivers an inferior juice which is cold pressed but very pulpy and the machine tends to get clogged. The internal wiring of the machine is questionable but if you’re looking for a cheap alternative, the Compact juicer is competitively priced to sell.

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Juicer Review on August 27th, 2008

The Samson Juicer, first produced in 2002 is a Korean made copy of the first model Oscar juicer, which was released in 1998. It’s of better quality than the single gear juicers made in China, but it has some inherent faults such as the switch assembly which is not moisture proof and the capacitator which is positioned on top of the motor where it gets hot and doesn’t receive adequate ventilation. The design of the Samson front end is based on the first Oscar juicer ever released so the juice is pulpier and it produces less juice than the Oscar Vital Max. The plastic parts such as the juicing screen are made of a somewhat brittle plastic so you can expect to need numerous replacements. To compare the Samson juicer to the Oscar Vital Max, visit the Oscar dedicated brand site www.oscar-living-juicer.com

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Juicer Review on August 26th, 2008

Invented in 1954, the Champion juicer is in a class of it’s own. Originally designed and manufactured in the US, it is now produced in Mexico which has had a minimal impact on the quality of the product. The Champion juicer is built to last with good quality, hardwearing parts. A masticating juicer, the Champion is classed as a cold press juicer and even though it heats the juice slightly, it retains more nutrients and enzymes than it’s centrifugal counterparts, but doesn’t produce a juice that’s as cold pressed as the single and twin gear models. One advantage of the Champion juicer is it’s ability to grind flour with the optional grain mill attachment. It’s also renowned for producing a creamier version of the frozen fruit dessert and it’s marginally quicker at juicing than the others. One of the drawbacks with the Champion is that it will only juice green leafy vegetables in small increments and won’t juice wheatgrass or parsely very well, plus there’s less yield, so the pulp contains more juice than the others. For more information on the Champion juicer, visit the dedicated brand site www.championjuicer.com

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Juicer Review on August 22nd, 2008

Oscar VitalMax DA900 Profile: Designed and manufactured in Korea to the highest standards, the Oscar juicer is the original single gear cold press juicer. Since the introduction of the Oscar juicer in 1998, there have been a number of “me too” copies entering the market place. There are numerous factories making the single gear juicers in Korea and China; producing all sorts of single gear juicers of all sorts of quality. They look the same, but there are differences worth noting before you decide to make your purchase. Visit the dedicated brand site to compare Oscar to other single gear juicers www.oscar-living-juicer.com

See the Oscar VitalMax DA900 Juicer in action!

Juicing Benefits: The Oscar Vital Max 900 is around 15-20% more efficient in juice extraction other models and the juice is noticeably pulp free, which is the next most important quality after it being a living juicer.

With a simple change from juicing screen to mincing screen, you can make frozen fruit desserts, nut butters, organic baby foods, process pasta and noodles, enzyme rich soups and tasty dips.

What is a living Juicer?

Drawbacks: All single gear juicers produce a juice which contains some pulp. The Oscar 900 has less pulp than any other single gear juicer, but is more pulpy than the twin gear juicers by Greenpower. Some schools of thought say a bit of pulp is good, others say the juice should be pulp free. Visit our blog ‘to pulp or not to pulp’ and have your say.

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Juicer Review on August 21st, 2008

The Greenpower Hippocrates twin gear juicer is an excellent ‘living’ juicer which extracts the highest yield and the most nutrients & living enzymes from fruits and vegetables including wheatgrass, parsely and leafy greens. Doubling as a living food processor, the Hippocrates juicer can make nut butters, frozen fruit ice creams, organic baby foods and much more.

The Hippocrates juicer is the latest model in a long lineage of juicers by Green Power; the first twin gear machine dates back to 1989 and was based on the concept of a hydraulic press much like the Norwalk juicer; a triturator juicer which was invented by Dr. Norman Walker in 1930.

Roger Akins from Vitality 4 Life Pty Ltd, began importing Green Power Gold and later the Green Life and Green Star juicer into Australia, the UK and NZ. Roger and Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida; a world leader in raw food research, worked with the inventor to develop technical improvements and decrease juicing limitations from previous models. They worked with Mr. Kim to help develop the new model juicer which solved the problems of older models, such as the strength of the machine to juice tough root vegetables without causing the parts to crack under pressure and juicing wheatgrass without producing excess foam. Secondly, the machine was improved by simplifying it. The new Hippocrates by Green Power is easier to clean, smaller and more convenient to use than its predecessors. The Hippocrates juicer features a stainless steel locking pin to secure the front end in place; there is an inferior copy which relys on a plastic locking pin to keep the front end secure.

For more information on the Hippocrates juicer, visit the dedicated brand website www.my-greenpower-juicer.com

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